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How to Tell if THC Oil Is Real

There are counterfeit vape pens on the market that may include hazardous chemicals, additives, pesticides, and perhaps no cannabis oil at all. In 2019, hundreds of people in the United States were diagnosed with lung issues as a result of vaping fake THC oil.

It’s critical for customers to understand how to tell real THC oil vaporizers from phony ones when purchasing your next cartridges. It may just save your or your loved one’s life if you can learn how to tell a genuine THC cartridge from a contaminated one.

How to Tell if THC Oil Is Real

Where to Buy

It’s best to purchase vape carts from a licensed dispensary. However, there are also many unlicensed dispensaries that look just like the licensed ones.

In California, for example, there are three times as many unlicensed illegal cannabis dispensaries as licensed ones. Going legit in California isn’t simple or cheap, given the difficulties of navigating bureaucracy, including pricey fees, limited access, and other issues. This has resulted in a state with lots of formerly legal medical marijuana dispensaries that are no longer legal.

In California, retailers are required by law to display their license numbers clearly. You can also check the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control website to see whether a store is genuine. If the license number is missing, the business isn’t part of the regulated market.

Super low-cost vape pens that contain heavy metals and oils that include pesticides are often sold in unlicensed businesses and pop-up shops. Sometimes there is vitamin E acetate, which is approved for consumption but not allowed for inhalation and can harm your lungs when vaped. Even seemingly safe additives might cause terrible effects when heated and combined with other chemicals.


In the regulated California market, for example, all labels should show a manufacturing date, a packing date, a batch number, and a lot number.

Counterfeiters tend to replicate the packaging of licensed cannabis vape companies, which is how they fool customers into believing their goods are genuine. Many of these fakes have mistakes in spelling and syntax on the label.

You may check your favorite companies to see whether they have a stamp that distinguishes them from knock-offs. QR codes, which can be scanned for verifying information, may also be found.

It’s unwise to try new or unfamiliar vape brands. Stick with well-known names that have a track record of safety and security. Many counterfeit packages feature images of popular cartoons or games.

Consistency of THC Oil

The ideal THC oil should be thick, golden in color, and move slowly through the cartridge. It’s unlikely that the THC oil is genuine if it is thin and watery and flows easily through the cart. Also if it has a darker or more orange hue, or lighter than it should be, then it’s likely that your THC oil is counterfeit.

It’s almost impossible to tell the quality of oil based on photos. It is easier to tell when you have it in your hands. The sellers may also show you the real oil in the picture, but send you a fake.

Price & Other Concerns

If you find a vape cart that is too cheap to be genuine, don’t buy it; it’s almost certainly a fraud. THC vape carts and THC oil are not simple to produce, and because much work goes into the process, they are priced accordingly.

Vape cartridges containing less than 60% THC are most likely to be harmful and toxic. Although extremely high amounts, such as 99.9 percent THC, should be treated with caution.

If you have a feeling something isn’t right with your vape pen or the oil, they might be off in flavor or aroma, or they may give you negative effects; trust your instincts and stop using it!


If you’ve ever seen fake vape pens on the market, you know that they can be hard to tell apart from authentic ones. It may seem like an easy task but with some careful observation and a little knowledge about your product, it becomes apparent which is real or not.

We hope this article has helped clarify how to spot the difference between these two products so you don’t get scammed out of money for something that can be harmful to you and your loved ones.



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