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How to Make Edibles Without Butter

There are many reasons why people want to avoid using butter in edibles. But how to make edibles without butter?

We aim to answer this question throughout this post! But why would anyone want to avoid using butter in their edibles?

It might be because they’re vegan, or because they have an allergy. Some people simply don’t like the taste of butter.

Whatever your reason is, you can still make delicious homemade edibles without using any butter at all!

Coconut oil is a wonderful alternative to butter, but other vegetable oils may also be used. When making a vegan cannabutter recipe, coconut oil is the greatest option since it’s heat-resistant, high in fat (which helps bind the mixture), and won’t burn as you infuse it. It’s also the healthiest choice compared to dairy products.

Keep reading to learn more about butter alternatives you can use in your edibles recipes. And if you need help with dosing, make sure to check out our THC dosing chart first!

Equally important to keep in mind is that some edibles manufacturers don’t use butter in their products. Galaxy Treats has a line of awesome gummies that come highly recommended by our team – and they don’t contain any butter!

Using Coconut Oil as an Alternative to Butter

Here’s our step-by-step recipe for cannabis-infused coconut oil.

Step 1

Gather all of your ingredients. You will need up to half an ounce of decarboxylated ground cannabis (depending on the potency you’d like) and 1 cup of high-quality coconut oil. 1 teaspoon of lecithin, a type of emulsifier, is beneficial but it’s not required. It will aid in the binding of THC with the oil by keeping.

If you have not decarboxylated your cannabis, here is a simple way to do it.

Preheat your oven to around 240 to 250°F (115-121°C). Grind your cannabis and spread it out on a baking sheet while it warms up.

Once the oven is ready, put the cannabis on a middle rack. Set a timer for 40 to 45 minutes.

When you’re baking your marijuana, keep an eye on it. Some strains respond to heat in different ways, so some may need more time and others less. When the green starts to become golden brown, remove the ground herb.

how to make edibles without butter

Step 2

Place your cup of coconut oil in a medium saucepan. Now add up to 1/2 oz of decarbed cannabis and 1 teaspoon of lecithin (optional), and heat on the lowest setting for four to six hours, constantly stirring every 20 to 30 minutes.

Some cannabutter enthusiasts advocate allowing their cannabis to simmer for 8 hours to ensure that all of the THC has been removed. The most essential thing to remember is to stir frequently to avoid burning.

Step 3

To obtain a smooth and constant cannabis-infused coconut oil, strain the cannabis flower out of the oil after it has simmered for at least 4-6 hours. Pour the substrate into a brownie-sized baking dish or a mason jar slowly to prevent any marijuana leaves from being included in the infused coconut oil.

Before adding it to any dish, let your infused oil cool completely. Then, you can now use it in place of butter in baked goods like brownies and cookies. The substitution ratio of coconut oil for butter is 1:1.

If you’re vegan, applesauce or mashed bananas can be used in place of eggs in recipes. Make sure your oven isn’t hotter than 300 degrees Fahrenheit and that you bake for longer. This will ensure you don’t burn off any of your cannabinoids, resulting in a perfectly potent batch of whatever you decide to make.

How Strong is Your Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil?

How to Make Edibles Without Butter formula

The potency of your vegan cannabutter will be determined by the strain you pick. Different strains contain varying amounts of THC, CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. So consider the sort of high you want from your edibles when you choose your strain.

The high you’ll receive from edibles is largely dependent on the type of cannabis you choose. OG Kush will offer something different than Girl Scout Cookies, just as Blue Dream brings something different to the table than Chemdawg OG.

For example, a strain with 10% THC has about 100mg of THC per 1 gram of cannabis, whereas a strain with 15% THC has 150mg of THC per 1 gram of cannabis. Remember this when selecting a strain to infuse your oil.

Closing on How to Make Edibles Without Butter

Making edibles without butter is possible and can be done with a variety of oils. Other than coconut oil, there are other butter alternatives such as vegan butter, olive oil, and other types of oil.

Continue to experiment with them until you find one that you prefer. And most importantly, enjoy your butter-free edibles knowing you made them with your own two hands!



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