PAX 3 Review: Impressive Power, Incredible Portability

PAX 3 review

The PAX 3, despite being in the market for a few years, remains among the top trustworthy portable vapes available and offers a modern design that includes a powerful concentrate chamber. These features make it suitable for serving a wide array of customers.

As a portable vaporizer, the PAX 3 heats up so quickly that you may not notice it; this is why it vibrates when ready for use. If you’re a fan of tinkering and tweaking, you’ll fall in love with the PAX smartphone application and many possibilities to tailor your experience.

The PAX 3 is easy to use, reliable, and durable. It also produces excellent vapor. I’ve had my device for nearly a month now and the quality of my vapor output has been unwavering. I couldn’t recommend this device enough, regardless of your experience using a dry herb vaporizer.

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The PAX 3’s sleek and all-in-one design is a great everyday carry. Its two herb chamber and one concentrate chamber options, as well as the long battery life, are sure to leave cannabis flower and extract consumers satisfied.

At just $160 for the Basic Kit, Pax 3 provides a top-of-the-line experience for a moderate price with the possibility to upgrade to the Complete Kit ($200) depending on the way you prefer to vape and the accessories you’ll need.

pax 3 dry herb and concentrate vape

My Review of the PAX 3: This Portable Vaporizer Rips!

The PAX 2 was created with user experience at the forefront; the PAX 3 doubles down on this promise. It features the same user-friendly user interface, enhanced battery life, less waste, and a complete design that produces the same pure, dense vape that put prior PAX vaporizers on the map.

The PAX 3 is less than four inches high and comes with an oven that holds approximately one-third of a gram of cannabis flower. I’ve personally had no trouble pulling 15-25 draws from a loaded oven, which has made it ideal for my lifestyle.

It’s easily concealed and pocketable. I’ve really enjoyed how easy this device is to carry around throughout the day, and its appearance is aloof. It’s comfortable to hold and has a bit of weight to it. Aesthetic-wise, I also really like the aluminum shell with its matte finish.

The PAX 3 comes in four colors to choose from. I went with the Sage, which is a nice dull green color. But the Sand, Onyx, and Burgundy options all look fantastic, too. It’s all a matter of choice. I’m more of a green guy myself.

Size specifications

Height 3.87 in / 9.83 cm

Width 1.21 in/ 3.07 cm

Depth .085 in or 2.16 cm

Weight 3.28 oz / 93 g

pax 3 oven lids

PAX 3 Complete Kit VS Basic kit

Instead of offering one option, PAX has two PAX 3 bundles, the Basic Kit at $160 and the Complete Kit priced at $200. The basic kit includes the PAX 3 device, charger, cleaning kit, as well as two mouthpieces (one that’s raised – my personal favorite – and one that’s flat.

I chose to upgrade to the Complete Kit to get the concentrate insert, an additional set of screens, a dope multi-tool, and the half-pack oven lid. All in all, that’s about $100 worth of additional equipment and I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

The most important concern as you’re considering your purchase is to ask yourself whether you’d like to vape concentrates with a PAX 3 concentrate oven lid. Also, if you prefer to have a full oven, maybe the PAX 2 is a better choice. However, if you would like to vape concentrates and flower AND have a half oven insert, the Complete Kit is the right choice for you.

pax 3 review from girl

Vape Your Concentrates & Dry Extracts

A brand new feature included with the PAX 3 is the dry concentrate insert. The Complete Kit comes with this impressive dry concentrate lid that fits directly in the oven.

“Two-in-one” dry concentrate / dry herb vapes aren’t typically my top choice. I usually prefer to find an option that focuses on either one or the other. Therefore, I was shocked when I tested my buddy’s PAX 3 on flower and dry extracts. I immediately ordered my own PAX 3 to conduct this review, and now, it’s become my daily carry.

If you mostly vaporize dry concentrates, you may need to consider a product designed specifically for this; however, from my experience, the PAX 3 works great if you want to add some dry extract every now and then.

Check out the PAX Era Pro for a reliable concentrate-pod vaporizer.

Fantastic Vapor Quality

Much to my surprise, the PAX 3 puts out some impressively dense, high-quality vapor that’s smooth and flavorful with each draw. The unit I’m using to create this PAX 3 review reached the top of four temperatures within approximately 30 seconds. I really love how easy it is to tweak the pre-set heat settings by increments of one degree using the mobile app.

PAX 3 Temperature Settings

360 degrees F / 180 degrees C

380 degrees F / 193 degrees C

400 degrees F / 204 degrees C

420 degrees F / 215 degrees C

The first two temperatures produce delicious, light vapor full of terpenes. I liked to use the higher two temperature settings to create heavier clouds that make the most of the flower, resulting in perfectly toasted bud.

Personally speaking, I love high temperatures for vapor production but prefer to begin my sessions on setting two, which is 380 degrees F. I usually like to end my vape sessions at the highest temperature and appreciate the shut-off timer feature. It allows me to carry on with my sessions at my own pace instead of having a pre-set time of five minutes.

From what I’ve seen, each PAX vaporizer has the same clever design. The oven is situated as far from mouthpieces as possible, located on the bottom. This distance, along with the isolated air path and flush mouthpiece, makes the vapor cool efficiently, resulting in smooth, cool draws every time.

User-friendly Dry Herb Vaporizer

User-friendly Dry Herb Vaporizer

I love how simple and intuitive the PAX 3’s controls are and how easy it is to use. One button on the mouthpiece is all you need to control everything. The signature “flower petal” lights tell you everything you need to be aware of while vaping.

Just one press and the device turns on and begins heating. If you push it again, it turns off. Wondering how to adjust the temperature? Press the button for a few seconds while the device is turned on and you can easily switch your temperature setting. I appreciate the break from the usual button clicks other brands incorporate into their devices.

Its PAX Labs logo located on the front of the device features four LEDs that show all of your stats, from battery level to temperature at the moment. These petals also show when the device is heating and when it’s ready to vape.

Would you rather avoid pushing a button and want to test the battery’s life or exit temp mode? Try shaking it. I also really enjoy the fact that the PAX 3 also vibrates when it’s ready. I feel like I always know what’s going on with my device, even when I’m absentmindedly holding it!

pax 3 dry herb chamber

PAX 3: A Smart Vape That Conserves Flower

This is precisely the kind of dry herb vaporizer I’ve been looking for! Most devices heat the flower or concentrate as a conduction vape, even if we’re not hitting them. Unlike the vast majority of vapes, the PAX 3 uses lip sensing technology paired with an accelerometer to inform the device when you’re not vaping, constantly adjusting the temperature to preserve your flower and battery life.

I noticed that when I put the PAX 3 down, it lowered the temperature after 30 seconds. However, when I move it or place it on my lips, I notice that the PAX 3 increases the temperature to my desired temperature in little to no time at all. This feature is even more effective thanks to the stronger heater the PAX 3 uses compared to the PAX 2, which takes longer to heat.

The auto shut-off timing is perfect. After three minutes of no movement, the PAX 3 will shut itself off. There’s no timer set; therefore, the PAX 3 changes your session’s duration rather than controlling your pace.

pax 3 app

Fantastic app

*On November 15th of 2019, Apple removed all vaporizing apps from its store, which includes this PAX application. PAX has since come up with an easy solution for all users of Apple/iOS.**

PAX took the initiative and developed its Bluetooth smartphone app to offer more options for vaporization, and I couldn’t be happier. Connecting the PAX 3 to an iPhone or Android makes accessing an array of new features and customizations easy. The app allows for the adjustment of temperature in increments of one degree. It also allows users to play games on command, lock the device, and set the lighting and haptic feedback. Overall, I’ve found that this app offers an excellent interface, giving users access to a range of impressive PAX 3 functions.

The app allows you to select one of four heat modes: boost, efficiency, stealth, and flavor.

PAX 3 Boost Mode

Boost mode minimizes auto cooling, making it perfect for more prolonged and more intense vape seshes.

PAX 3 Efficiency Mode

Efficiency mode automatically raises the temperature over the duration of time.

PAX 3 Stealth Mode

Stealth mode remains at lower temperatures but has faster cooling, meaning that your exhales won’t be so obvious.

PAX 3 Flavor Mode

Flavor mode stays at lower temperatures; however, it only gets hot while you draw to give you the best flavor.

These profiles allow you to tune your experience to suit your needs. But personally speaking, I prefer the flavor mode for slow and relaxed sessions.

PAX 3 Features I Love

pax 3 battery life

Amazing Battery Life

I found that following a full charge, on average, I had no trouble getting around 90 minutes of vaping from the PAX 3’s impressive 18650, 3500mAh battery. This is something that I felt needed to be touched upon in this PAX 3 review.

Without setting a timer, and the oven turning itself off and on to optimize its efficiency, it’s difficult to evaluate the battery life of the PAX 3 against other vapes.

But as I enjoyed relaxing as I vaporized, most sessions ran longer than ten minutes. However, I managed to vape throughout the day before my PAX 3 needed to be docked to charge. It takes around 90 minutes to get a full charge using its supplied charger USB. It’s difficult to say for sure, but I’m confident it has the longest battery life on the market today. There has yet to be a time that I’m worried about m battery dying on me, even while I’m out and about for the entire day.

Air Path Isolation Design

True to its design, the PAX 3 has a stainless steel oven paired with a vapor tube leading to the silicon mouthpiece on the other end of the device. All the materials used in its construction are medical-grade and safe for vaporizing.

Equally important to note is that the heating element is a “non-ceramic tuned thin film heater” that’s bonded to the oven and on the outside of the vapor pathway, according to PAX’s knowledge base.

The draw resistance of the air path reflects how tightly the PAX 3 is packed. I loosely packed the oven when I first used it, which didn’t provide the vapor consistency I prefer. After a brief search online, I discover that the PAX 3 prefers tight packing.  I was amazed at how well it drew when I had a fully-packed half oven. Certain vapes make an airflow halt when packed tightly; however, much to my surprise, the PAX 3 performed better with more material.

This PAX Maintenance Kit comes with some pipe cleaners and screens for a replacement to ensure your airway stays in top condition. While some recommend regularly cleaning depending on use, I’ve had minimal buildup in my device even after constant use.

pax 3 durability

Impressive Durability

With the PAX 3, I found it’s a durable portable vape with a design that lacks moving components or glass that can break. The exterior shell is anodized aluminum, and tossing it into a bag or even in a pocket that holds keys or a cell phone hasn’t been a problem. I also love it as a part of my active lifestyle – getting elevated and maintaining my buzz while running around throughout the day and during outdoor activities like hiking and walking my dogs.

These devices used to offer a polished aesthetic; however, PAX made the right decision in encasing the device with a high-end matte finish that conceals any minor scratches or dents that could build up over time.

PAX 3 Pros & Cons

PAX 3 Pros & Cons

PAX 3 Pros

The PAX 3 offers impressive benefits, making it a sincere pleasure to use. One of the most important features I look for in a dry herb vape is portability, and this device is one of the easiest I’ve carried. I also recommend getting a PAX 3 case, available on Amazon here. This is a serious game changer with two smell-proof chambers; one for ground herb and another for the PAX 3 itself.

I also really like this device’s vapor production. I’m not a dabber, but I enjoy potent vapor infused with plenty of cannabinoids and terps. The vapor quality is an experience in and of itself, and every friend who has taken a puff off my PAX 3 has loved the smooth vapor clouds it produces.

The ease of use also makes the PAX 3 an absolute must-have for new and experienced consumers. Whether you’ve been vaping flower for years or want a powerful little portable vape without a learning curve, this device is the one.

The oven is equally impressive. It’s pretty spacious and comes with two caps that allow for a full oven or a half. I prefer the half because I have a minimum of 8 strains on-hand at any given time. I like rotating between them, and the half oven allows me to experience more strains in a day.

And I can’t talk about the benefits of the PAX 3 without touching on its battery life. This is an absolute BEAST of a portable vape, allowing for long vape seshes throughout the day without worry.

pax 3 charging dock

PAX 3 Cons

It took some contemplating, but I came up with a few things I wouldn’t mind changing about the PAX 3. I use an iPhone 13 Pro and found that the app offers limited features. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker for me, and I don’t think it’s too discouraging for team Apple.

But I did find it a bit frustrating that I need to have the proprietary dock to charge it. I ended up buying the little wooden dock and love it. However, I would prefer my PAX 3 to work on a more common charger if the battery dies while I’m out and about.

pax 3 new colors

PAX Colors

I love PAX because the company is constantly innovating and changing things up a bit. Since the PAX 3 hit the market, fall season colors and finishes have enhanced its aesthetic. The fall season featured Burgundy, Sage, Sand, and Onyx with matte finishes.

The company then released PAX 3 in Amber. The latest release from PAX included a couple of hand-dipped, limited edition finishes. Ocean Blue showcases a striking deep blue hue, while Midnight Rain showcases PAX’s more punk side with a chaotic polka dot pattern.

PAX 3 10-Year Warranty

From what I’ve seen, the PAX 3 has one of the most comprehensive warranties available. PAX has guaranteed manufacturer defects for decades, and from the reviews I’ve read during my research, the company has a long track in taking care of its customers. This guarantee made it an easy decision for me to make this purchase.

How to Use the PAX 3

While it’s one of the best portable vapes on the market, I’ve noticed some best practices I like to implement while using my PAX 3.

I enjoy grinding my flower as finely as possible using my Flower Mill with a finer insert.

Then, I pack my flower tightly and compact it using the included tool. I also recommend using the half-pack over the lid. This is why I recommend getting the Complete Kit over the Basic Kit.

Once my oven is packed, I like to take a quick puff to start. Then I recommend following that with a long, gentle draw before continuing these draws every five seconds or so.

I found it essential to draw through my PAX 3 several times after shutting it off. This removes any remaining vapors and lessens the buildup of resin in the device.

Cleaning the PAX 3

The first PAX vape was challenging to clean; however, PAX solved this by introducing their PAX 3, leaving just three components to look after – the oven, mouthpiece, and vape path tube. The PAX Maintenance Kit contains pipe cleaners and stainless steel screens that can be replaced to ensure your device remains in top shape.

pax 2 vs pax 3

PAX 3 vs PAX 2

Besides the added colors and matte, the PAX 3 looks identical to the PAX 2. It’s similar to the PAX 2; however, some key differences convinced me to go with the PAX 3.

The PAX 3 has a stronger battery that can heat up faster and lasts just a bit longer than PAX 2. With the PAX 3 Complete Kit, you get a dry concentrate cartridge that’s quite effective for vaping concentrates. This is the most significant distinction between the two.

It’s also worth noting that the PAX 3 has haptic feedback and a smartphone application, whereas the PAX 2 lacks these features. The gap decreases when you compare the PAX 3 Basic Kit and the PAX 2; however, the 3 is still more expensive.

PAX 3 Review FAQ

How many hits can you get from PAX 3?

This depends on how much you pack into the oven and your draw speed. I could get around 15-25 good draws from a full oven. But ultimately, several variables come into play here. I found that I can vape some solid draws at the start when the device is at level 2. Then, once it stops pulling nicely, I turn it up to 4 to get the most out of my herb.

Does PAX 3 make rooms smell?

There is definitely a smell when you use the PAX 3, but it’s not as intense as some other portable vapes I’ve used. If I keep the windows open and have an air freshener going, the smell isn’t too noticeable. But if you’re vaping in a closed room with no air circulation, it’s going to smell like flower after a while.

Does the PAX 3 make you smell?

The PAX 3 is unbelievably discrete. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve used it in public many times and have never had anyone give me a second glance. It doesn’t produce much smell, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like weed after using it.

How long will a PAX 3 last?

The PAX 3 is a high-quality device that’s built to last. I’ve had mine for around a month now, and it still works like the day I got it. I’m sure with proper care, it will last even longer. PAX also has a 10-year warranty, showing that the company believes in the product and guarantees it long-term.

Is the PAX 3 worth the money?

In my opinion, the PAX 3 is definitely worth the money. It’s one of the best portable vapes on the market and comes with many features that justify the price tag. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line device, the PAX 3 is worth considering.

How much does it cost to fill PAX 3?

The cost of filling the PAX 3 will depend on the price of your herb and how much you pack into the oven. I find that a full oven (0.3g) will last me around 15-25 draws, so if we assume the cost of weed is $10/g, it would cost me like $3 per oven.

Does the PAX 3 have smoke?

The PAX 3 is a vaporizer, meaning you’re not promoting combustion when you use it. This means there’s no smoke, only vapor.

Is there a PAX 4?

There is no PAX 4 on the market yet, but there have been rumors of one in development. As soon as I hear more news, I’ll update this page.

Is PAX 3 better than PAX 2?

The PAX 3 is a newer model of the PAX 2, so it has some updated features that justify the higher price tag. The most notable difference is the inclusion of a dry concentrate chamber, which allows you to vape concentrates with the PAX 3. It also has a stronger battery, faster heat-up time, and haptic feedback.

Does PAX 3 have party mode?

The PAX 3 has party mode, which decreases the device’s temperature and allows you to pass it to your friends without burning off your cannabinoids and terps. It also has some games, like Simon, and light modes that transform the device into a colorful show.

Who will love the PAX 3?

The PAX 3 is a great all-around vape that’s easy to carry and use all day. It’s also great to use at home when you do not want to tie yourself to a wall with a device that needs a power source. This device is durable, quiet, and has a long battery life that will please anyone interested in long dry herb vape seshes. Dry concentrate performs exceptionally well – enough to ensure the PAX 3 is one of the best dual-purpose portables on the market today.

While the PAX 3 does have numerous options and features, I feel it’s an excellent vape for those just starting with portable herb vapes. It’s easy to pack and easy to use and does the job without a lot of effort.

Who is this PAX 3 not for?

If you’re a casual vaper, the $200 price tag might seem excessive for the PAX 3 Complete Kit. While it’s a great value at the price, other alternatives offer the same portability at a lower price point.

Convection vaporizers can provide just as much flavor and rivaling performance. However, equally important to remember is that the PAX 3 has many features that increase its conduction efficiency. But, if you want to use convection heating in a handheld device, then the PAX 3 isn’t for you.

While it’s excellent for concentrates, it’s not up to the same level as a pen. If you’re looking for something more potent, look into wax vaporizers designed explicitly for use with concentrates on the go.

Is the PAX 3 good for beginners?

Yes, although I’d still recommend a quick review of the manual. Although the PAX 3 vaporizer is easy to load and operate, the controls and lights can be confusing without a quick read of the instruction manual. Once you’ve learned the basics, the PAX 3 is one of the most user-friendly and efficient vapes, even for beginners.

So, Is the PAX 3 Worth It?

Long story short, the PAX 3 is a good – and some, including myself, might even say great – portable vaporizer that costs between $200 and $250. I’m beyond satisfied with it. But it all comes down to whether or not you’re willing to pay $50 or $100 more than the PAX 2.

The PAX 3 and PAX 2 utilize effective heating technology, produce fantastic vapor, and come with the same compact, integrated design that’s difficult to beat.

However, the PAX 3 adds haptic feedback that’s becoming the norm these days, offering a slightly faster heating time thanks to a more powerful battery – and the app for smartphones enhances the experience.

Keep in mind that the PAX 3 comes with a 10-year warranty while the PAX 2 only comes with a 2-year warranty. I’d say the PAX 3 is worth the price tag for the extra money, and the additional cost of upgrading to the Complete Kit allows extra features you’ll use daily (I know I am). The lid for the half-pack, dry concentrate insert, multi-tool, and additional screens. This is more than 100 dollars worth of premium accessories, which offers added value, making the PAX 3 Complete Kit my preferred choice.