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How Much THC Is in a Blunt?

How Much THC Is in a Blunt

A blunt is a cigar that has been emptied of tobacco and filled with marijuana. If you’re already used to smoking cigarettes or cigars, the tobacco lends a buzz and energy to your high. Some people also enjoy the aroma of the cigar, which lasts longer than a joint.

A typical joint has 0.32+ grams of marijuana, whereas a blunt usually contains 1-2+ grams. That means a 2-gram blunt contains 6.25 times the amount of THC as your normal joint!

If you want to be more precise with regards to determining how much THC is in a blunt, take note of these two things: how much cannabis there is in your blunt and the THC percentage of that cannabis strain.

Keep reading to learn more about how much THC is in a blunt.

Calculating THC in a Blunt

The amount of marijuana in a blunt is determined by whether you use a hollowed-out cigar, a cigarillo, or tobacco leaf paper (blunt wrap) to roll it.

A cigar has more cannabis than a cigarillo since it is bigger. If you’re rolling it yourself, weigh the buds first on a scale. If you don’t have access to a scale, an average blunt consists of around 1.5–2 grams of cannabis.

Now you have to find out the THC percentage of the buds. You can do this by taking a look at the label of your dispensary, or you can search for this information online.

Let’s say that your buds have 20% THC and there are 2 grams in your blunt. The blunt would have 400 mg of THC!

Because a blunt often has as much as 2 grams of cannabis inside, it’s not advised to smoke it all in one sitting. On the other hand, a blunt is nice for sharing in a smoke circle since it lasts longer than a joint.

Mainstream Smoke

Now you know how to figure out the amount of THC in a blunt. But not all of the THC will enter your system through smoking. The way THC enters your body is comparable to smoking a joint, with the difference being that you will also get nicotine from tobacco.

The amount of THC that hits the smoker is estimated to be 60–63% of the total THC available in a blunt. This is what smokers get from mainstream smoke (the smoke that is inhaled into the lungs).

In the burning process, approximately 23–27% of THC is destroyed through pyrolytic degradation (decomposition by heat), while 40–50% is lost via sidestream smoke (the smoke from the burning end).

So, if your blunt has 400 mg of THC, you’ll get 80–148 mg of THC when smoking all of it. (400mg x 20% equals 80 mg, and 400mg x 37% equals 148 mg). That’s equivalent to smoking more than six joints!

Concluding on How Much THC is in a Blunt

If you are wondering how much THC is in a blunt, the answer lies within your knowledge of math. You can calculate how much THC there is by finding out the weight of cannabis inside the blunt and then multiplying that number with the percentage of THC found in the cannabis strain used.

A blunt is much more potent than a joint due to the sheer size difference. But flower potency can also come into play here.

So, pace yourself when smoking a blunt alone. Save your blunts for later use or share them in a smoke circle!


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