Male Cannabis Plant Facts You Might Not Know


Looking for some male cannabis plant facts you might not find elsewhere? You’re in the right place!

Male cannabis plants are usually not considered to be as valuable as female plants because they do not have as much THC and CBD.

Both of these cannabinoids are found in high concentrations in female plants’ buds. However, there are some other benefits of male cannabis plants that might surprise you!

In this blog post, we will explore some of these benefits and what you can do with male cannabis plants.

How to Tell if Your Plant Is Male or Female Before Flowering

Male plants tend to develop quicker than females. It’s not uncommon for pollen sacs to appear within two to three weeks of planting.

The gender of your plant will be revealed to you between 4 and 6 weeks after it is planted. Generally speaking, this happens towards the end of the vegetative stage before the plants are fully developed.

Examine the nodes, which are the points where the main stem and branches join. This is where you’ll find clues to determine a male or female plant.

Females will have wispy white hairs, but male plants will develop ball-shaped pollen sacs. The tiny hairs that cover them are known as “pistils,” and they’re designed to collect pollen from other males.

Some plants may grow both pollen sacs and pistils; these are hermaphrodites.

Male Cannabis Plant Facts

Male plants do have some benefits that you might find interesting. Here’s what you might not know about these plants:

Male Plants Have Excellent Fiber

Male cannabis fibers are significantly finer and softer than female fibers. As a result, they were utilized to produce higher-quality textiles while the female plants were used to create rougher items.

Male cannabis fiber is more flexible and resistant to torsion while female cannabis fiber is stronger. Male fiber is finer overall and the male cannabis plant yields more fiber than females.

Male cannabis plants are good for hashish and cannabutter.

To make hashish, many growers use both male and female plants. Because the resin content of male plants is generally low, they use a lot of plant materials and techniques that extract the most from the plant.

Male cannabis can also be used to make cannabis oil and cannabutter, among other things. It is said to have a more “high” than “stoned” effect with cerebral characteristics.

Male Plant Can Be Used in Making Raw Juice

Cannabis plants may also be used to make fresh juice. It’s generally recommended that the thick and fibrous fan leaves be removed since their high chlorophyll content might cause the juice to have a harsh flavor.

Cannabinoids in their acid form, like those found in non-acid forms, appear to offer some pharmacological benefits without the psychotropic effects.

Male Plants Help Improve Genetic Diversity

Males contribute half of the genetic material inherited by seeds while pollinating females. It’s important to look into the genetics of male plants. Their shape, rate of growth, pest and mold resistance, and climate resilience can all be passed on to increase the quality of future generations.

Using only clones would result in a weak future generation of plants, but breeding them may improve the variety and provide superior varieties for your needs.

Male Plants Make For Great Companion Plants

Cannabis plants have a variety of natural defenses, including aromatic terpenes, which are effective pest repellents. Cannabis is really an excellent companion plant. A few male plants between your crops might be all it takes to keep them pest-free without having to use pesticides.

Male Cannabis Plant FAQ

How can you tell a male plant from a female plant?

The males are generally larger and have a thicker, more robust stalk than the females. These also have fewer leaves than the females, which are typically shorter and bushier.

Male pollen sacs and flowers, which include anther and a filament, are present in male plants. But female plants have female flower parts including stigma, style, and ovary.

Can you make edibles with male plants?

Yes, you can. You can make everything from cannabutter to hashish using male plants. While the cannabinoid concentration is less than female cannabis plants, you can still make a potent edible with male plant matter.

When can you tell if your plant is male?

You can tell after 4 and 6 weeks by looking at the nodes, generally towards the end of the vegetative stage before it begins to fully bloom.

Closing on Male Cannabis Plant Facts

Male cannabis plants are not only great for their fiber, but they are also an important part of breeding and genetic diversity. Male plants can be used in juicing, making hashish, and cannabutter. They’re also wonderful as companion plants in your garden since they naturally repel pests.

Have you used male cannabis plants in your gardening? Let us know in the comments below!


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