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How to buy weed?

I’m not a drug dealer. I don’t have any weed on me right now, and I’ve never been arrested for possession or dealing. But if you do want to buy weed without getting caught, here’s how:

Find the right place to buy weed.

Dark alleys aren’t necessarily the best place to buy weed – at least not anymore. In the past, sketchy spots like that were commonly the go-to. But these days, finding the best place to buy weed is different.

If you’re a first-timer, it’s better to find a dispensary if you live in a legal state. Budtenders are super knowledgeable, and they’ll usually have plenty of insight to offer on the strains and products available.

Don’t be afraid of chatting with the budtender about what they recommend. Also, feel free to ask some questions.

What are their prices? How come one is more expensive than the others? What can you expect from the product?

If prohibition is still active in your area, the best place to buy weed without getting caught may be in front of a police station. No one would ever expect that.

I’m kidding; don’t take that advice. It’s still pretty risky.

However, if you live in a state that doesn’t offer legal cannabis, go to a friend or neighbor who smokes weed. Other consumers are more likely to offer you a deal, and they’re less likely to call the cops on you.

The best solution for regions without legal weed is to find a dealer you can trust. If you’re buying cannabis illegally, it’s ideal to meet them somewhere where the chance of getting caught is minimal.

For instance, go to your dealer’s house. Or perhaps have them come to you. The key to buying cannabis from the black market is to find a safe space to make your purchase.

Steer clear of parks, parking lots, and bus stops, though. These spots might seem like good places to meet up. But these locations are risky because police tend to monitor these areas.

Buy weed from someone you know and trust.

A friend with weed is a friend indeed. This is especially true if you’re looking to buy cannabis somewhere other than a dispensary.

The best way to find cheap and reliable sources of weed is by word-of-mouth. But that’s not always possible for everyone, especially in this budding community.

Fellow cannabis consumers are usually ready to hook one another up with someone who sells. If you’re inquiring about a dealer, be cool. Everyone involved in an illegal cannabis transaction wants to make it happen as smoothly as possible.

If you’re having trouble meeting other cannabis consumers, your best bet is to go on social media. There are a number of cannabis-themed influencers and pages that will have daily updates on their favorite dispensaries, as well as discounts offered by these businesses. You might even find information on local cannabis events you can attend.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area or another progressive city, you likely live close to thousands of other cannabis lovers. Head over to your local grow shops and you’ll probably find other people who love cannabis too. You might even befriend someone who’s already dried and ready to distribute their latest harvest of potent buds.

marijuana flowers

How to distinguish bad bud from high-grade flower

Everyone wants that sticky-icky. But what is top-shelf weed? And how can you tell the difference between bunk stuff and potent buds?

Good weed is dried and cured female cannabis nugs. These are the buds of the plant, and it’s quite potent, depending on how it’s grown, of course.

THC content is a prime indicator of cannabis potency. The effects of this notorious yet desirable cannabinoid include feelings of euphoria, increased appetite, and a general sense of well-being.

A high THC content is typically above 20%. If you see something like 22%, then that’s even better. But what are some of the other distinguishing characteristics of high-quality bud?

High-Grade Cannabis Aroma

The scent of cannabis is quite pungent and “loud.” How the bud smells depends on how it was grown and the strain. But how it’s stored can also impact the odor.

We use various terms to describe cannabis aroma. Skunk, pine, and diesel are just a few, but others exist. Lots of bud smells citrusy or mango-like. This is due to the terpenes.

Terpenes give things, including but not limited to cannabis, flavor and aroma. A proper terpene content elevates the entire consumption experience. Whether you’re smoking bud or vaping extract, terpenes cultivate the sesh – and high-grade cannabis is stacked with them.

Top-Shelf Cannabis Flower Aesthetic

You wouldn’t buy a withered apple, right? The same goes for cannabis. High-end flower should have a vibrant assortment of colors. From deep or lime greens to dark purple with red or orange “hairs,” the buds should look like something that came out of your kid’s cereal box.

But what are the white things on weed? These “crystals” are trichomes, which are a main component of the cannabis plant.

Glimmering bud is also a dead giveaway that it’s potent. Those crystals are actually a defense mechanism that plants use to deter animals from eating the plant. This is where the plant’s cannabinoids (including but not limited to THC and CBD), terpenes, and flavonoids are located.

Some consumers like to use a magnifying glass to get an even better view of cannabis flower’ trichomes. The frostier the trichomes are, the more potent the flower.

Aesthetically Appealing Bud/Flower/Colas

Great bud looks a certain way. This is because when the flower is skillfully cultivated and cured, it has a composition that contributes to the experience.

Look at your nugs’ structure. If it’s a sativa-leaning flower, it should be light and fluffy. Indicas are my personal favorite. These buds are usually more dense and tightly structured.

However, if the flower is hard, it could mean the cultivator used plant growth regulators. This can result in the buds tasting off. If the flowers are excessively fluffy, it could mean they weren’t given enough light. Thus, the flower hasn’t reached its full potential.


High-Quality Bud to the Touch

If it’s dry and crumbly to the touch, that’s no good. But it’s possible to bring bud back to life by placing it in a glass jar with a small slice of carrot. Alternatively, if the bud is too moist or soft, it could develop or already have mildew or mold.

If you decide to try the carrot trick, make sure to monitor the progress. Leaving bud with the moisture for too long could result in overly damp bud – and no one wants that!

How can I tell if the weed is bad?

If you know what you’re looking for, bunk bud is easy to spot. Here’s what you should be wary of as you shop your weed.

Off-putting Scent

High-quality cannabis flower usually stinks. But if it’s low-quality, it could smell off, which could mean the batch is bad. If you smell a musty or mildew smell, the cannabis probably wasn’t properly cured. Or perhaps it wasn’t stored the right way.

Generally speaking, cannabis has approximately one year of storage before it starts going bad. If you smell something strange, this usually means it wasn’t cured right, was mishandled, or is aged – and good weed doesn’t age like a bottle of fine wine.

How it Feels

Touch the bud. If it’s brittle or dry to the touch, it’s not great. We want bud that sticky and full-figured rather than crumbling and falling apart. If all you see is “shake,” it’s probably not great quality.

If the bud is overly wet, you could have mold or mildew. Bud that breaks apart beautifully is what we want, and if the bud tears apart, it means the drying and curing process wasn’t on point.

Your Bud’s Aesthetic

Low-quality buds could be discolored or have lots of stems and seeds. From mold and age to chemicals and pesticides, there are plenty of reasons for the flower to look off. But steer clear of these problematic buds lacking potency.

Bad bud also much have amber-colored trichomes. This means the flower is old and was improperly stored, which could mean you’re buying an old harvest.

Shoddy Flower Structure

Your flower should have an appealing structure. If the buds weren’t properly cultivated, the flowers will look odd. This could mean the lighting or growing conditions were off, which can result in airy nugs. Despite these buds offering impressive cannabinoid and terpene content, dense nugs are usually best.

Ask for Help

You don’t have to be a criminal to buy weed. This is especially the case in legal states. If you want to avoid bad weed, go into a shop and ask for help. Remember that the budtender behind the counter is there to provide service!

Lesley Murr
Lesley Murr
Lesley R. Murr, American vegan activist and writer, travels throughout Southeast Asia exploring vegan cuisine and eco-friendly product producers. She blogs about vegan health, recipes, and products. Her passion for animals guides her writings, and she's currently based out of Belmont, California.


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