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Top 50 Strains for 2022 & Beyond

  1. Raspberry Parfait
  2. Blue Gushers
  3. Blue Biscotti
  4. Don Carlos
  5. Gusher Mints
  6. Bigfoot Glue
  7. Lumpy Space Princess
  8. Wedding Gushers
  9. The Bling
  10. Grimm Glue
  11. Blue Dream
  12. Wedding Cake
  13. Durban Poison
  14. GMO
  15. Gelato
  16. Jack Herer
  17. Sour Diesel
  18. Girl Scout Cookies
  19. Gorilla Glue
  20. Biscotti
  21. Sunset Sherbert
  22. Ice Cream Cake
  23. Purple Punch
  24. Cereal Milk
  25. OG Kush
  26. Lava Cake
  27. Mimosa
  28. Sundae Driver
  29. Gushers
  30. Gelonade
  31. Strawberry Banana
  32. Super Silver Haze
  33. Chemdawg
  34. MAC
  35. Banjo
  36. Peanut Butter Breath
  37. Kush Mints
  38. Gary Payton
  39. Runtz
  40. True OG
  41. Orange Creamsicle
  42. Alien OG
  43. XJ-13
  44. Slurricane
  45. Private Reserve OG
  46. Crescendo
  47. Do-Si-Dos
  48. SFV OG
  49. White Widow
  50. Green Crack

Bonus Popular Weed Strains for 2022

  1. Fatso
  2. Granddaddy Purple
  3. Mendo Breath
  4. Garanimals
  5. Banana Pudding
  6. Blueberry
  7. White Runtz
  8. Zkittelz
  9. Sherbacio
  10. Animal Mints

FAQ About Top Marijuana Strains

What are top-shelf strains?

Top shelf strains are high-quality flower strains. These are the best of the best, meaning they’re typically kept on the highest shelf of the dispensary. This gives the flower more visibility instead of being kept on the lower shelves, where not many people will see them. These strains are only produced by the best growers, allowing highly potent flower with excellent terpene profiles to contribute to the consumption experience.

What strains are most popular?

We’ve listed over 50 of the top cannabis strains at the beginning of this post. But if you’re looking for other tasty strains to try, check out Northern Lights, Lemon Haze, and others.

What is the number 1 strain?

Some say that Godfather OG is the world’s strongest marijuana strain. But does that make it the number 1 strain? Perhaps. With this indica-dominant hybrid reported to possess a whopping 34% THC content, it’s easy to see why so many believe this to be the best cannabis strain. However, this comes down to personal preference, of course.

What are the top 5 strains of sativa?

Some of the best sativa strains include Trainwreck, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, Tangie, Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, Green Crack, and Super Silver Haze. But you might have other preferences depending on what you enjoy smoking.

What strain is 100% sativa?

If you’re looking for a solid sativa strain, look no further than Purple Power. As a pure sative strain, you’ll find this is easy to cultivate in cool, wet regions and is capable of producing plenty of cannabis flower. With the right conditions, you can expect to harvest 1,000+ grams of high-grade flower.

What strain do rappers smoke?

OG Kush is the preferred strain of rappers. This is why you’ll hear it in many rap songs. However, Blueberry Yum Yum was made famous by Ludacris in the 90s. Ultimately, the strain rappers smoke comes down to their personal preferences.

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Lesley Murr
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