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Memory Loss Strain (Amnesia Strain) Review

Memory Loss Strain (Amnesia Strain) Review

The Memory Loss strain is the cross of two well-known strains, Amnesia Haze (the winner of the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup’s best Sativa prize) and Face Off OG.

Amnesia Haze may cause short-term memory loss for a while with its intense cerebral effects. This is one characteristic that Memory Loss inherits from it.

Face-Off OG may cause a dizzying feeling of euphoria that helps with severe pain, decreased appetite, and sleeplessness.

The end product is an Indica-dominant strain that produces high yields and offers aromas of bubblegum, fruit, and peppery incense. This strain was originally developed by Archive Seeds.

Keep reading for more insight into the Memory Loss strain now.

Memory Loss Strain Characteristics

The buds appear to be more similar to India despite the fact that Memory Loss is a 70% Sativa. It has medium to hefty buds that are compacted and conical in shape. The flowers have a mossy green color with orange pistils. If cultivated in cold temperatures during the vegetative stage, some flowers will have a purple hue.

The scent of Memory Loss is a blend of the fragrances from its parents. It’s got a powerful, peppery incense and bubblegum and fruit aroma, similar to Dutch Haze.

Memory Loss Strain Effects

Memory Loss strain can cause you to lose short-term memory and become forgetful and dazed. It has a very high potency with a THC content between 18% and 28%.

It has a fast onset. You might feel the tension in your eyes and temples, then your neck and down your body. You could be bombarded with a deluge of thoughts that you can’t keep track of.

It has a boosting, euphoric quality that makes it ideal for performing routine chores or everyday activities that require little thought or concentration. It makes you more talkative and energized, so don’t expect it to help you nod off.

After using the Memory Loss strain, many people laugh uncontrollably. It is also not unusual for them to have forgotten everything that occurred the following day.

Memory Loss Strain Adverse Effects

Dehydration, with a dry mouth and eyes, is one of the adverse effects. You could experience anxiety or paranoia if you consume too much. Dizziness and headaches are also possible adverse effects.

Stick to doses that you can handle to prevent this. It’s also not suggested for individuals suffering from anxiety since it can amplify recursive thinking.

Memory Loss Strain Benefits

Due to the high THC level, memory loss is highly potent. It aids in the relief of pain, headaches, and nausea, as well as reducing inflammation. Patients with arthritis-related discomfort may find this strain useful.

Users have turned to this strain when they need to deal with depression symptoms since it has powerful euphoric and uplifting effects. Even those who have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have utilized this strain to overcome flashbacks of battle incidents.

This strain has been found to induce munchies. Users have also reported being hungry and able to eat a lot of food after consuming this strain. By improving appetite and decreasing nausea, this plant may be beneficial for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Closing on Memory Loss Strain Review

Memory Loss strain has a very high THC concentration. It’s a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica plant developed by Archive Seeds.

It may also cause short-term memory loss and a strong sense of euphoria, as the name implies. With an 18 percent to 28 percent THC concentration, it has powerful psychoactive as well as therapeutic effects. Take your time when administering the medication!



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