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How to Store Gummy Edibles?

If you’ve ever made gummy edibles, you know that they can be quite sticky and hard to store. However, with a few simple tips, you can keep them fresh and tasty for weeks or even months. Here are the best ways to store your gummy edibles.

Do Gummies Go Bad?

Gummy candy can last for a few months after the expiration date on the package. The best quality is achieved when you consume the sweets within three to six months after opening the bag.

Gummy bears don’t like it when the temperature is too high. If you’re not opening your air conditioner all day long in the heat of summer, consider placing them in the fridge.

Your gummy edibles should have an expiration date, they do lose their quality over time. If they appear and taste healthy, they’re probably safe to consume. It can be kept past the expiration date in the freezer.

Best Way to Store Gummy Edibles

To begin with, make sure they’re kept in an airtight container or pouch at all times. If the package that the goods came in isn’t airtight, place it in an airtight container. Because oxygen breaks down THC, CBD, and other chemicals, keep the air out of the bag as much as possible. An open bag of gummies will go bad faster than an unopened one.

Keep the gummies in a dark place. The degradation of THC and CBD is sped up by the light. Another cause for the breakdown of THC and CBD is heat. Gummies are best kept at room temperature, although you want to keep them in a location that doesn’t fluctuate much in temperature.

If you live in a hot, humid climate, you may need to store them in the fridge or freezer. Watch out for high humidity as well, humidity will cause the product to deteriorate faster than you desire. So a dark, cool, and dry place is ideal.

How to Store Gummy Edibles FAQ

Should you keep gummy edibles in the fridge?

Edibles, like any other food you wish to store, should be refrigerated or frozen and kept away from air and light to extend their shelf lives.

How do you store edible gummies?

Once you open the package, remove the gummy edibles and store them in a sealed container or bag. Keep it in any dark and cool spot away from sunlight and heat. You can also freeze them for prolonged storage but the chewiness may change.

Can you store edibles at room temperature?

Yes, you can store gummy edibles at room temperature if you prefer your edibles to be softer. Keep the edibles in a cool, dark, and dry place and away from temperature fluctuations to prolong their shelf life.

How do you store homemade gummies?

Place in an airtight container or a zip-lock bag, and seal it shut. Remove as much air as possible and store it in a cold, dark location.

Closing on How to Store Gummy Edibles

No matter what the temperature is outside, it’s important to keep your gummy bears in a cool place. If you live in a hot climate, consider placing them in the fridge. And if you ever have any doubts about whether or not they’re still good to eat, just check the expiration date on the package or taste to see if it has any off-taste.

Gummy bears can last a surprisingly long time when frozen, so if you think you can’t finish them soon, save them for later in the freezer!

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