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How to Deal With Marijuana Withdrawal Reddit

How to deal with marijuana withdrawal, Reddit? We went to this popular platform to find answers from real consumers!

When you stop smoking marijuana, whether it’s because you’re trying to get clean or just taking a break, you might experience some marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

This can be tough to deal with, but there are ways to make it easier. Check out these tips for how to deal with marijuana withdrawal!

How to Deal With Marijuana Withdrawal Reddit

What Do People Say About Marijuana Withdrawal and How to Deal With It on Reddit?

“Dude i just went through this. Its worth it tho. I asked a friend to sponsor me and i call him every morning and when i complain about pain he says “your painkiller now is to take two deep breaths of fresh air and shut the fuck up” . Now this may not work for everyone but, for me its the best advice i can take right now. Im at week 3 and i dont want to smoke anymore or alter my consciousness in any way. I do AA too, and have been clean from heron & alcohol for 18 years but for some reason i thought weed was ok and the last 4 years were a selfish, self-centered nightmare of my own making. People warned me. I did not listen. Best of luck to you.” – u/Subtlefoe

“Marijuana withdrawal is NO JOKE!! I wish i had thought to look here 13 days ago when I quit. I for real have gone through a hard detox. The cold sweats stopped finally today. Day 3 I was puking and felt like death. This is my 3rd time trying to quit. I am definitely over the hump. I even called a drug hotline with a blocked number and the nice older man told me he never heard of this kind of withdrawal from marijuana EVER!! He did mention however that it’s like eleven times stronger than what was around in “his day”. I really thought it was just me. I have smoked everyday for 35 years minus 9 mo. for pregnancy. I feel like a person today. Lucky number 13 LOL 😉 You got this!” – u/shellyseas45

“Exercise every day, drink a gallon of water every day, take something to help you sleep like melatonin. Don’t give up it will soon pass & you’ll be better than ever.” – u/Far_Watercress6236

“Don’t be embarrassed. I hated when people would say weed isn’t addictive when I suffered withdrawals and it was the hardest of my DOCs to quit. I couldn’t eat right, sleep right, I was anxious, emotional…it was rough. And it’s the only drug I still have cravings for when I do crave. I smoked for 15 years. It took a couple of months for me to feel like I could function without it. Just stay strong, keep busy, lean on your support system. You got this.” – u/sbbw2012

“…A list of things that helped tremendously: Body scan meditations: 10-15 mins daily, had drastic impact on my mood, anxiety levels and ability to fall and stay asleep. Long hikes were super crucial too. Being out in nature was helpful, and the physical exertion was strenuous enough to be good exercise but not too much at the same time. Black seed oil can help with regulating blood pressure and helps with the heart beating out of the chest feeling. Kinda similar effect to clonidine, the bp med. Helps with hots and colds. Liposomal Vitamin C: reduces cortisol levels. CBD would probably be useful right now. The usual eating, exercising, taking care of hygiene etc. I would probably be choking down a meal replacement protein shake, at the least something like ensure or protein naked drinks. Not eating can cause a lot of gross feelings, I get irritable and anxious and just kind of unfocused. It actually can feel a little bit like withdrawal sometimes, and I suppose it is. So it’s important to at least eat something….” – u/nostalgiapathy

Closing on How to Deal With Marijuana Withdrawal Reddit

The experiences of those who have gone through marijuana withdrawal are varied, but there are some common tips that seem to help. Drinking plenty of water, getting exercise, and staying busy seem to be key strategies. Meditation and nature walks may also be helpful.

If you’re struggling with withdrawal symptoms, don’t be ashamed to ask for help from your loved ones or a professional. With time and effort, you can get through this difficult period and be on your way to a healthier, happier life.



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