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How Much THC Is Safe for Dogs?

How Much THC Is Safe for Dogs

How much THC is safe for dogs, anyway?

From personal experience, dog THC consumption can be quite scary. I had my edibles devoured by a dog one time, and the whole experience resulted in an expensive trip to the vet.

But how much THC is safe for dogs? Some dogs use THC for treatment, much like some people do.

If you want your dogs to benefit from marijuana in the same way that a person does, you’ll need to understand how much THC is safe for dogs before feeding it to them. Incorrect dosing can be a scary, and even deadly, experience.

There’s a lot of conflicting information available on this subject; some sources claim it’s hazardous even at low dosages, while others maintain that it isn’t. This post will go over what we have learned thus far and give you the facts on THC for dogs.

Dogs Have Very Low Tolerance for THC

Cannabis has a stronger and potentially more toxic effect on dogs and cats than it does in humans. This is because they have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains.

Thus, cannabis can cause problems for dogs and cats, even at low dosages.

Cannabis intoxication in dogs and cats takes a variety of forms, including secondhand smoking, eating edibles, or consuming raw cannabis.

Some dogs may even seek out edibles around the house or hang around someone who is smoking marijuana, resulting in unintentional exposure.

Benefits of THC for Dogs

THC has its own healing properties and a powerful synergistic relationship with the other cannabinoids. They all work together to enhance each other’s effects and create the entourage effect, which is capable of treating a variety of ailments.

It has analgesic (pain relief), anti-cancer, anti-nausea effects, sedative effects, neuroprotective properties, bronchodilator function, sleep support, gastrointestinal support, and appetite stimulant benefits.

You can give THC to your dog if he is experiencing chronic pain or going through cancer therapy to help him feel better and eat more. But before you decide to do this, ask your vet!

How Much THC to Give Dogs

To avoid negative effects, ask a vet first. They might tell you to start dosing your dog based on a low THC concentration. For instance, they could recommend beginning with a very low THC dose of 0.05 milligrams per pound of your pet’s body weight or less.

Wait two hours for a full effect after giving a dose. You’ve given your dog too much if it appears glassy-eyed and out of it, or if it just stands there drooling and swaying back and forth with its hind legs spread apart.

If none of these issues arise, you may have discovered a good starting dose. Ask your vet about administering this dose twice daily for a week before gradually increasing the amount to achieve a better effect.

However, because CBD oil with less than 0.3 percent THC does not cause a “high” state, it is frequently more advised for dogs. Ask your vet to see what they say, but some might suggest trying it at 0.05 mg/pound twice daily and administering it for a week to see if there are any beneficial effects.

If the benefits decrease, ask your vet if you can boost to 0.125 mg/pound of your pet’s body weight twice daily. Check with the vet and see if you should continue at that dosage until the effects fade.

Then, ask the vet if you can gradually raise the dose. Check with your vet to determine the maximum permissible amount for your dog.

What are the Signs of THC Overdose?

Dogs that have ingested too much THC might exhibit the following symptoms: static ataxia (loss of motor function, coordination, and balance) and dehydration. Stagger when walking and sway when standing still as well as spread their hind legs apart), excessive saliva, heart rate changes, body temperature decreases, and urinary incontinence.

If your dog has any of these symptoms, it most likely ate too much THC. If the condition is severe, you should bring him to the veterinarian immediately. Otherwise, ensure your dog gets enough water and comfort them until the side effects subside.


Dogs are extremely sensitive to THC and have a very low tolerance for it when compared to humans. Inquire with your veterinarian about cannabis oil treatments for pets before administration; they will know which product would best fit your dog’s requirements and may even recommend any necessary supplements.

Lesley Murr
Lesley Murr
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