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How Much THC is in Weed?

How much THC is in weed, anyway?

Before the 1990s, the THC concentration in typical marijuana strains was significantly lower than it is today. The THC levels in regular marijuana strains were around 4% in the 90s.

How Much THC Is in Weed

Between 1995 and 2015, the amount rose by 212%. Most likely, if you look at any current cannabis THC content chart, you will find that typical dispensary strains have THC levels of around 22% or higher.

When it comes to moving products on the legal recreational market, there seem to be two numbers that matter: the list price and THC concentration. Cannabis flowers with THC concentrations of 25% and above are very prevalent at dispensaries. Higher-THC cannabis will sell out quickly, while lower-percentage cannabis will not sell well.

Cannabis plants with a high THC content are considered to have stronger psychoactive effects and are useful for increasing appetite, decreasing inflammation, reducing nausea, helping with muscle control problems, and reducing pain.

Keep reading to learn about different strains of weed and how the THC percentage varies.

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains have higher THC content and a lower CBD percentage. They are more suited to daytime usage since they tend to provide a stimulating or invigorating effect. People utilize them to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as depression, pain, and tiredness.

Lemon Meringue

This Sativa with an uplifting effect has a THC content of around 18-20 percent.

Laughing Buddha

The THC content of Laughing Buddha, a popular Sativa strain that makes people feel happy and giggly, is 21 percent.


Those wanting to feel happy and calm prefer the Hawaiian strain, which has a THC concentration of 18–22 percent.


Thai is a popular cannabis strain with a THC concentration of 16–22 percent that is said to make you feel uplifted and concentrated.

Silver Haze

The potent silver haze has a THC content of 20%–24%. This strain gets its moniker from the number of glistening THC glands on the buds, which are plentiful.

Memory Loss

The name Memory Loss implies strong mental effects due to its THC content of 26 to 31 percent.

Indica Strains

Indica strains generally have more CBD than THC, so you won’t find as many pure Indica strains with high THC content. The Indica strains are renowned for their sedative qualities, making them ideal for nighttime usage, helping those with sleep problems, pain, nausea, and a lack of appetite.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush contains 21%–29% THC and aids in pain relief and relaxation.

Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush has a THC content of 26% and is popular for stimulating creativity.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrids are the result of crossbreeding Sativa and Indica strains, resulting in what may be considered the best of both worlds.

Death Star

This strain has a THC content of 18%–27%. Its effects include relaxation and euphoria.

Ghost OG

It has a THC content of up to 21% and is sought after by those seeking a balance of mental and physical effects.

GMO Cookies

This potent strain has a strong sedative effect and contains up to 24–30% THC.

FAQ: How Much THC Is in Weed?

What is the THC level in medical weed?

These days, the average level of THC in medical cannabis is roughly 25%–30%.

Does THC percentage matter?

While you may think that a strain with a higher THC percentage may hit harder, the answer is actually no. A high THC percentage does not always mean stronger effects.

Does higher THC get you higher?

THC has nothing to do with how “good” the weed is. Studies have shown that high THC weed does not even get you higher!

Concluding on How Much THC Is in Weed

Now that you know how much THC is in weed, you have a better idea of what to expect with your flower. Whether you’re new to smoking cannabis or have been indulging for quite some time, this insight should help you properly dose your bowls, bongs, joints, and blunts.

Have any questions? The team at Alpacannabis is always happy to help! Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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