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How Much THC Is in a Joint?

How much THC is in a joint, anyways? Well, that all depends…

No doubt about it, smoking weed is a favorite pastime for many people. Whether you enjoy the occasional joint with friends or indulge regularly in your own private bong sessions, there’s one question on everybody’s mind: how much THC is in a joint?

The amount of THC in a joint is determined by a variety of variables. The potency and the size of the joint are two examples.

How Much THC Is in a Joint?

Calculating THC in a Joint

First, you need to know how the amount of weed in a joint. Although there is no standard way to roll a joint, most people do it differently, and the amount of marijuana – and hence THC – in a joint varies. Some researchers came up with an average number of 0.32 grams per joint. You may weigh your own joint minus the rolling paper and filter to find out how much marijuana you use.

Different strains of marijuana have different THC percentages, say for example that your buds have 15% THC, which means if there are 0.32 grams or 320 milligrams of buds per joint. In each joint, there will be 320 x 15% = 48 milligrams of THC per joint.

However, if you roll a fatter joint with marijuana that has higher THC, for example, each joint has 0.5 grams or 500 milligrams and your buds contain 20% THC, that would be your joint has 500 x 20% = 100 milligrams of THC per joint.

That is how to calculate the amount of THC in a joint, but not all of it that will enter your circulation. Another aspect to consider is how you smoke the joint!

How You Smoke Affects How Much THC You Receive.

When you smoke a joint, 20-37% of THC in a joint is estimated to hit the user in mainstream smoke (the smoke that is inhaled directly into the smoker’s lungs), according to a 1990 study by Mario Perez-Reyes, a psychiatric researcher at the University of North Carolina. 23-30% of THC goes up through pyrolytic destruction (decomposition by heat), while 40-50% is lost through sidestream smoke (the stream of smoke from the burning end of a joint).

If your joint contains 100 milligrams of THC, you’ll receive 20-37 milligrams of THC when smoking it. How often and how long you take a puff also matters.

According to a 2008 study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, taking a two-second puff every 30 seconds and every 60 seconds gives roughly the same amount of THC. On the other hand, taking the same two-second puff every 15 seconds doubled the THC amount. When a toke is taken every 15 seconds, the THC decarboxylation process seems to be much more efficient.

There is also a technique called the “secret breath approach” that greatly increases THC absorption. The technique involves drawing breaths with pursed lips, expanding the lungs’ alveoli. However, this isn’t suggested for beginners since their bodies might not tolerate it. However, if you’re a seasoned smoker, go ahead and use it; you’ll be at your intended destination in no time.

Concluding on How Much THC is in a Joint

If you want to figure out how much THC is in a joint, all you need is the weight of the cannabis and the THC concentration of your strain. However, there are several factors that can alter how much THC you receive from smoking marijuana, including how you smoke it.

Now that you know how much THC is in a joint, you can better control your dosage and enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest! Just remember to start slow and be safe. Happy smoking!

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