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How Long Does Marijuana Edibles Stay in Blood, Reddit?

In this blog post, we will explore that question and give you the answers from Reddit users.

Below we’ll look at the issue of how long do marijuana edibles stay in the body. Continue reading to learn more!

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One-Time Edible User? How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Blood System?

“It’ll be out of your system by the weekend! Two weeks is usually recommended for regular (every day) smokers just to put things into perspective, but ya you’ll be fine.” – u/ikebuck

“My advice: Go to the dollar store and pick up 2-3 drug/THC tests. Take the first one and if it’s clean just take a second to double-check and you’re great! If it isn’t, drink a lot of cranberry juice or something to flush your system each day up until the test, and again make sure you’re clean with your remaining tests. Good luck.” – u/dallazmiller

“Chill out, you’ll be fine! If you don’t smoke that often, it gets out of your system pretty quickly. If you’d smoked a joint, you’d probably be safe after a week, but only a piece of a cookie from Galaxy Treats and you’re probably good after only a couple days.” – u/pipethafuckdown

“You should be good to go in as little as 72 hours even if you hadn’t been working out and over-hydrating. If you are really that worried buy another take-home drug test in like 2 more days. It’s doubtful they will schedule a drug test for you that fast anyway.” – u/incognito_explosivo

What if You Take It Regularly? How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Body?

“There’s no way of knowing the exact time. it’s different for everyone it all depends on your metabolism, your diet, lifestyle, body genetics, how much you use, method of use, etc anyone who has an exact answer is just speculating since it’s really impossible to know for sure. The quickest way though to get THC out of your system is just living a healthy lifestyle (i.e exercising, eating right, drinking a lot of water daily, etc) since THC holds on and is stored in fat the less you have the less time you’ll need to detox.” – u/Budsy_420

“Even though it says 40mg in a gummy, it’s impossible to know how much is really in each piece you cut off. So there might have been more thc in the second piece of gummy than the first. However, edibles can really sneak up if you’re not confident in dosing yourself. Thc stays in your system for up to a month or more depending on your diet and body fat percentage.” – u/tearinmyanus

“It seems to vary widely person to person. Some people on the short end a week or so but others may take a month or more. If you are looking for employment I recommend doing at-home tests to find out when you are testing negative and go from there.” – u/dirtybumsupreme

How Long Do Edibles Stay in the Body, Reddit?

Medical News Today reports that edibles last for between six and eight hours. However, in some cases, the high lasts for between eight and 12 hours. But this is primarily for people who are sensitive to edibles.

Here’s what one Reddit user’s anecdotal evidence has to say about how long edibles stay in the body:

“You only stay high for 4-12 hours generally depending on the strength, it stays in your system for 2 weeks if you are skinny and a month if you are overweight, but you arent high for that time at all its just detectable in your urine until then.” – u/NeedaSaviorHere

Closing on How Long Does Marijuana Edibles Stay in Blood Reddit

Although buying marijuana edibles is becoming increasingly popular, it is important to be aware of the fact that they can stay in your system for a while. If you are concerned about failing a drug test, it is best to avoid consuming marijuana edibles altogether so there’s no traces of cannabis in your body. However, if you do choose to consume them, be sure to wait at least a week before taking a drug test.


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