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Don Carlos Strain Information

Don Carlos is a hybrid marijuana strain that crossed Blackberry OG with Humboldt Sour Diesel. This plant produces dense, dark green buds with purple and blue hues and orange hairs, similar to Blue Biscotti. The THC level in this strain is typically around 24%.

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Don Carlos Strain

Don Carlos Strain Grow Info

Don Carlos is a mostly Indica strain that comes from Humboldt Seed Company and can be grown indoors (where the plants will require an average of 55 days) and outdoors in greenhouses. Humboldt Seed Company’s Don Carlos is a THC-dominant variety. It is also available as female seeds.

For those who want to cultivate this variety at home, the seeds are available from Don Carlos and can be purchased directly from Humboldt Seed Company. Humboldt Seed Company. They can be planted outdoors or indoors, but outdoor success is contingent on a humid Mediterranean-like climate.

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Don Carlos Strain Flowering Time

Gardeners who wish to highlight the red highlights of the flowers of this variety should stimulate the plant’s anthocyanin pigments by exposure to night temperatures ranging between 65 and 55 degrees just before flowering starts. Don Carlos reaches flowering maturity in seven to eight weeks if it is grown indoors and from the end of Sept. and October if it is grown outdoors.

Don Carlos Stain Leafly

According to Leafly, Don Carlos was bred by Humboldt Seed Company in collaboration with the reggae legend Don Carlos. This strain offers aromatic flower characterized by sour, fruity, and diesel notes with flowers showcasing green and purple hues.

Leafly claims the effects are well-balanced, providing consumers with an uplifting yet ethereal buzz that cannabis connoisseurs adore. It also provides happiness, arousal, and relaxation, with adverse side effects ranging from dry mouth to dry eyes.

Don Carlos Strain Allbud

According to Allbud, Don Carlos is one of the rarest Indica-dominant hybrid strains on the market today. This plant’s genetics come from Blackberry OG and Humboldt Sour Diesel strains.

The high and relaxation that come with this strain and long-lasting, making it a preferred flower for hybrid and Indica fans. This buzz begins as a head high and slowly builds euphoria over time, allowing for a happy mindset that pairs well with the soothing calming effects.

Allbud claims that this stain accompanies creativity and encourages sociability. The site also suggests that this particular plant is suitable for treating conditions such as inflammation, insomnia, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, and depression.

Don Carlos has a sweet and sour diesel aroma with a touch of berry. The buds are dense and dark green with purple hues and orange hairs.

The THC level in this strain is typically around 24%, so first-time or novice smokers should be aware of the potency.

Don Carlos Strain Indica or Sativa?

After a few hours, Don Carlos’ high shifts towards the Indica-dominant range. People who have relied on the initial rush of energy might notice that they are slowing down, with a heightened mass taking over the legs and the central. This sedative feeling can decrease smokers’ ability to push through a long list of things to do.

In the end, Don Carlos’ later phases are ideal for relaxing in the comfort of your home and enjoying leisurely entertainment such as TV or board games. Due to its eventual somnolence effects, Don Carlos is recommended for the late afternoon and evening, which is thoroughly enjoyed.

Lesley Murr
Lesley Murr
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