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Does PAX 3 Smell Linger?

Does PAX 3 smell linger? If you’re vaping in a closed room consistently, the room will begin to smell of vaped cannabis terpenes.

Does PAX 3 Smell Linger?

A lingering smell can be a definite sign of cannabis usage. One of the main benefits of vaporizers is their opulence. Therefore, it’s natural that consumers would want to know whether vaping emits the same distinct smell.

PAX vaporizers are designed to use with dry herb and cannabis concentrate material; however, does vaping reduce the smell? Or does it linger?

Keep reading to learn more about the PAX 3 and how the smell lingers.

PAX 3 Smell Proof Case

The PAX 3 Smell Proof Case has been nothing short of incredible. I made the decision to buy this case for my own device as soon as I placed the order.

I couldn’t be happier!

This protective case keeps my PAX 3 safe and even has a dry herb storage chamber that allows me to store a few chambers worth of bud. Not to mention, its smell proof abilities have made my experience using this dry herb vape as stealthy as possible!

As soon as I open my case, I smell the buildup of tasty ganja odor that it keeps at bay. I’m beyond thankful to have found this awesome case and highly recommend it to anyone looking to minimize their marijuana odor while vaping with the PAX 3.

Does the PAX 3 Smell, Reddit?

I went to Reddit to reveal whether or not the PAX 3 smells, at least beyond my own experience. With my time using the PAX 3, I have definitely noticed a strong marijuana odor. However, with the case I use, this has never been a problem.

One Redditor said, “The smell is noticeable. If you were to vape in a small enclosed area it will definitely stink up the place like weed not no popcorn smell.”

Another Redditor claims, “It’s gonna smell.”

Yes another Redditor went into a bit more detail, saying, “The only smell is the oven heating up. I live in a small room in an apartment where my housemates don’t know I smoke. I often vape in my room with my window open and let the pax heat up near the window. I also light a candle. None of my housemates have noticed and the smell is gone within a couple of hours. But when you pack a fresh bowl, it smells quite a bit. Not as much as smoking, but still…”

Before you can vaporize your material, it could already have an strong odor. Most of the time, it depends on the type of material you’re vaping.

Dry cannabis will have distinct scents from concentrates like oil or wax. I’ve found that Nepali hash doesn’t smell as much as the high-quality flower I’ve been vaping.

Anyways, whatever kind of cannabis material you’re into vaping, it’s most likely to have some sort of smell. But the intensity of the scent is what will ultimately result in a linger smell.

The smell of non-vaporized cannabis is highly specific, and will vary in intensity depending on the particular substance. But unlike burning flower, you’re not going to smell much beyond the substance itself.

So, what happens after vaping? If you’re vaping in a private space in which vaping is allowed, is it likely that you will be forced to endure the smell for hours? Fortunately, that’s not the case.

While vaping your flower or concentrate can cause a mild scent, it will disappear after the session. But if you find yourself vaping in an enclosed area long-term, the room is likely to smell like cannabis consumption.

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Does Vape Smell Linger?

Vaping doesn’t create the same smells as other types of consumption. This is why the scents don’t usually linger after use. However, it is normal to expect some slight scents while the vape is warming the substance.

Additionally, the smells created when you vape will be more subtle and more true to the character of your cannabis product instead of a strong powerful smell similar to that generated by smoke. The dry herb vaporizer smell is nothing like smoking cannabis in a pipe. You can hide vape smell much easier, even if it’s the vaping that smells like skunk.

Vaping can produce an aroma; however, it’s not as strong as smoke. Since there’s a lack of combustion, there isn’t enough oxygen available to burn the substance.

Smoke is composed of particles that remain, referred to in the field of volatile organic compounds. The compounds are formed by the evaporation of hydrocarbons that are broken into carbon dioxide. These aren’t necessarily the same compounds in the original substance.

Thus, smoke is a sticky, dense substance and causes an “coating effect” that clings to various materials and produces the smell of smoke that’s difficult to remove. For instance, if you were to ignite the campfire inside your home, it would be very difficult to clean the smell from clothes furniture, carpets, or furniture.

Vapor, however, leaves the plant matter behind, meaning everything you put onto your PAX 3 oven will only heat up and release its essence into a pure, gaseous version.

Contrary to smoke, the components in the vaporized material are identical to those that were in the material before the process of vaporization. Vapor is lighter and quickly disperses without the coating effects of smoke.

Imagine a pot that is boiling water as an alternative to the campfire. There may be a slight scent as the water heats up but when the source of heat is shut off, the vapor dissipates and there’s no smell left over.

How to Hide Vape Smell from PAX 3

Although vaporizing cannabis products can reduce the smell of cannabis compared to burning, you may need to cut down on the subtle smells created by your dry or concentrates. The portable vaporizers of PAX come with options that may alter the scent during your sessions.

For instance, both PAX 3 and PAX Era feature five modes that are dynamic which are accessible through the PAX Mobile smartphone application.

One of the dynamic modes, called “stealth mode,” is beneficial for quick cooling down after use, which reduces the amount of vapor produced and the consequent smell. Another option, “efficiency mode, “efficiency mode,” offers the ability to fine-tune settings to help preserve the material and also control the smell.

Vapor smell can also be reduced by candles and air fresheners, in contrast to the smells created by partially burned materials. Another option is spraying air freshener, or even lighting a wick in order to reduce the smell further.

If you’re in search of a dry herb vape that’s portable and focuses on efficacy and discretion, the PAX 3 is the perfect choice for you. While a dry herb vaporizer smell is inevitable, I’ve found that the PAX 3 is by far the easiest to conceal, particularly with a smell-proof container.

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