Cloning Cannabis in Soil


Cloning cannabis in soil is a useful trick for marijuana cultivators. This is one of the best options for those interested in producing an impressive harvest with preferable characteristics.

But what’s involved in cloning cannabis in soil?

In this post, we cover the ins and outs of marijuana clones, how to clone these plants in soil, other cloning methods, and more.

cloning cannabis in soil

How to Clone Cannabis in Soil

Cloning cannabis in soil is one of the simplest methods for rooting clones. This process involves trimming away the mature leaves that remain on the stalk. From there, you’ll wet the sliced stalk bottom and give it a dip in rooting powder or gel.

Once the cannabis clone is prepped, you’ll stick it into the saturated potting soil under CFL. This is where the clone will remain as the roots form.

Other Common Cannabis Cloning Methods

Cloning Cannabis in Water

Cannabis cutting can also root in plain water. This involves removing mature leaves and placing them in a container with water and plant food.

Most of the time, a 16-ounce plastic bottle is ideal for cloning cannabis in water. These containers offer a narrow neck that keeps the plant straight.

Unlike cloning cannabis in soil, water as a medium isn’t as sturdy. With this in mind, the narrow bottleneck helps when submerging the plant stalks. But you’ll still need to mix the water every few days to prevent algae growth.

If you have an issue with algae, change the water. The algae have the potential to clog roots and limit clone growth. Using a darker container can keep algae from growing, though.

Cloning Marijuana in Rock Wool

As with cloning marijuana in soil, you’ll begin with healthy cannabis cuttings. You’ll clip most of the mature leaves. However, keep the top leaves attached.

Then, you’ll dip the cuttings in the rooting powder or gel before placing them in their Rock Wool cubes and under a CFL light. Keep the temperature around 72 to 75F and humidity over 90%. Roots will begin to appear within eight to 12 days.

Cloning Cannabis in Soil FAQ

Can I clone cannabis into soil?

Yes, cloning cannabis into the soil is quite common. The process is comparable to cloning cannabis in Rock Wool, meaning it’s one of the easiest methods to use when cloning marijuana plants.

Can you put clones directly in soil?

Before putting clones in soil, they need some prepping. This will involve trimming away some of the mature leaves, slicing the bottom of the stem, dipping it in water, and giving it a dunk in rooting powder or gel. Then, your clones are ready to go in the soil.

How are clones transferred to soil?

Cloning cannabis in soil involves some prepping to ensure they properly root. You’ll need to take the sliced bottom of your stems and dip them in water before giving them a quick dunk in rooting gel or powder. Once this is done, you can transfer your cannabis clones into the soil.

Are cuttings sensitive to light?

Yes, cannabis cuttings are sensitive to light. This is why you’ll need to ensure that your roots have developed enough to support the plant before exposing them to light. One method to grow strong roots is to limit light exposure, keeping the roots in the dark, moist dirt environment to allow the roots time to form.

Concluding on Cloning Cannabis in Soil

If you’re considering cloning cannabis in soil, you’re on the right track. This is one of the easiest ways to clone marijuana plants, and if you’re looking to create clones of a fabulous mother plant, this is how you can do it.

While other cloning methods exist, cloning marijuana in soil is simple. Try not to overcomplicate things, but most importantly, enjoy the process!


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